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Minister's Message

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I'm so glad you're getting to know us by exploring our website. I am proud to serve All Faiths. You'll find our congregation warm and welcoming, but we are more than that.  At All Faiths you will be seen, you will be loved, and you will be appreciated.  We have a sense of mission and service, and are building a congregation that meets not only our needs, but the needs of the communities around us as well. 

We are able to offer adult, child, and youth programs as a way to pay attention to our spiritual development. You can easily get involved in projects in the community, serve one of the many ministries of our congregation, sing in the choir, or find a place where you will feel comfortable and thrive.

Our congregation and our ministries are growing. People are discovering our congregation and find that in Southwest Florida they have many that share the same values and message of Unitarian Universalism. I do hope you will join us for a service, a community project, or one of our programs. You will find community here.  We won't let you fall through the cracks.

I'm glad to offer more information about our congregation or offer my time to you if you'd simply like to talk. I'm here if you need me.  May you find a home at All Faiths and become part of something wonderful and meaningful.


Rev. CJ

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